​​Merced Montessori


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436 and 424 W. 21st Street

Merced CA 95340


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 "...when it was time for each of my children to go off to pre-school, Merced Montessori School was an easy choice for me. The children started preschool between ages of two and two and a half to socialize with others and begin their fun with learning. I came back to Merced in 2006 after many years of being gone and was nervous to begin the preschool search for my son. I was relieved to find Merced Montessori still in existence as I was a student when I was younger.

     The hands on learning, up to date educators, and most importantly for me compassionate staff members made having my children there a relief.....All of my children are succeeding in their education, social, and leadership skills as they age and have learned also to be caring and loving; Montessori helped instill these values.
      For almost ten years Montessori has held a special place in my family and I am forever grateful for the nurturing and education they provided for my family."