​Merced  Montessori School........WOW!  I have had three      kids who are now ages 26, 13 & 10 all attend Merced  Montessori School, and all are very successful! In fact, one  is now a teacher herself!  All of them LOVED going to school    and LOVED the teachers! They are truly amazing and  dedicated to their profession! I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone to send their child to                  Merced Montessori School!

                                                           ---J. N-P.

   The work period each day is a very special and important aspect of the child's development process. During the work period the children move freely around the classroom and choose their individual work. Initially there is a focus on ground rules that enables the children to function as a cooperative community, i.e.; putting away work, walking quietly, not touching someone else's work, etc. The children learn to respect the rights of others as well as claim their own rights.

   The children have a wide range of activities to choose from. The exercises of practical life, sensorial materials, language, (written, spoken, heard and read) mathematics, are all bases for the unfolding of the child's intelligence and the preparation for higher education.

    The children have exposure to cultural subjects in the way of geography, science, history, art, and music. There are two basic types of experiences given: the first gives the children basic information, the second type provides an extension and reinforcement of the basic information. The result is that the child sees the struggle of life to develop itself and how the struggle has benefited them. Each person has a place in the development and a responsibility to further it.

​​Merced Montessori